My app is laggy!

Today I got one star with reply from one of my app users said “app too laggy”

This is his device performance:

CuteTube is my app

It works smoothly on my devices but user reply make me sad. Did u get same issues or its normal when we get bad rate ?

Haters gonna hate :frowning: Look like your haters still use an old phone (Android 5.1) that’s maybe the reason?

I tested your app on my, ok brand new and fast OnePlus 6 phone, your app was smooth :+1:

P.S. I don’t have kids but it directly popped up in my mind, that your compilation of safe videos for kids is a great idea, cool :slight_smile:

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Thank u so much for test my app…

Its ok if u don’t have kids. I’m not looking for more downloads. I was just want to know the answer to end/continue developing apps using ionic.

But ur answer make me happy and explain me the reason with real test…

Thank u so much again :heart:

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