Video of my app with lags

I love ionic and its simplicity, but i have this awful lag between pages and that is simply bad user experience.

I added a video of my app and you can see when I click the bottom links (a click is marked with a circle) until the page changes it takes 1 second.

Any suggestion will be super Grateful

Was this in the emulator? That is always a lot slower than the actual device. Are you getting the same sort of response on the device?

Hard to tell without the underlying code - are you reading fetching the pictures etc. via an http:// request or loading them locally?

Ohhh sorry, this is on my galaxy s4, and those images are loaded threw http.


@CyberFerret any ideas maybe?

No immediate idea, sorry.

So, I assume that the response is just as slow on the Galaxy as well?

Can you let us know how the images are loaded? From an external server or S3 or somewhere, or stored locally? Also, with the wide landscape pictures, have they been scaled down to size to fit the screen already, or are they HUGE pictures and you are just using CSS or tag attributes to scale them down ‘on the fly’ ?

the posts are even hard coded in the code and I even removed the images from the html.

So it only renders text, and it is still slow…

Have you tried crosswalk?

Happens the same with me. I run it on android 4.4 I saw this on the mallzee app. It is the same there.

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is an ionic app?? just installed it, it looks great!!

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Any solutions for this? I am also struggling with this issue? Templates that has to be navigated through tabs feels very slow and lags

bro… thats too fast ! LOL …! my ionic apps lag alot.

for me no ionic apps are good without crosswalk. crosswalk is great but the issue is its size ! its very annoying that ionic requires crosswalk to run smoother