Help from the masters, app lag is frustrating


I just started learning ionic with angular,
and Im creating a nice app for our website.

My problem is that the app is supper laggy on my galaxy s4
you can get the apk here to check it:

When we go to our website threw the mobile browser it is super smooth,
but when I go to the app with ionic it is simply bad…

Im sure this is my fault, but I would be happy to know how to fix it.

** I read a little bit and saw that giving images 100% width is bad, so I gave fixed size and that improved it a bit, but still bad.

You can go to the main page and click on the bottom link, to move between login and signup pages.

and after that you can click on the login button and you go to a page with a list of cards that is super laggy.

Please any help will be super appreciated!