Ionic Seems Slower on Android Devices

Hello to everyone, this is my first post at this forum.

There is a video I link below, where one can see the Conference app (as is today) deployed following the instructions (–prod – release).

I think it cannot go unnoticed the fact that there is lag, a slight delay when using the bottom tabs (especially the speakers one ~0:17).

I have deployed it also in ios which didn’t really have that problem.

Has anyone else noticed difference regarding the performance between ios and Android?

Video Link

Thank you for your time,


Which devices and OS versions are you comparing to each other?

Hi Sujan, thank you for your reply.

The Android phone used in the video is the Oneplus One (Quad Core, 3GB ram) running on 5.1.

I have tested it in an Ipad Mini 2 and an Iphone 6s Plus where it run significantly better.