Multiple Tabs Using Same Pages

I have 3 tabs in my application. They all use the same page and accept different params.
How can I use the same page for each tab, while passing each page unique parameters?
Thank you!

Create a master class and inherit from it

I’m new to Angular2 and I’m having trouble finding examples online. Any good sources I can use?

Well I would use TypeScript for this type of work

    templateUrl: 'template.html'
  class MainPage () {
    // Add all the constant code in here that will not change on different pages


Then create your tab pages like this:

class TabPage1 extends MainPage {
    // Add your parameters or specific code here

Thanks! This is what I was looking for.

Hi ihadeed, I’m looking for the same solution. But the only things I do not understand based on your answer is how to navigate on the same page with multiple tabs. Please will you extend your answer with an example of that?

can you help with an example for having tab both bottom and top of a page

Search the forums. There are many threads on this topic. The answer is that it’s both technically not possible and conceptually a bad interface, but if you insist on going down that road, you’re going to have to fake one set of “tabs” using segments.

thanks for your reply i think i have found a solution