One ts file for multiple pages

I have made two apps by ionic2. Both are working very well. Now I want that one .ts file will be used for different pages. For example I have Three tab and those pages are Page1.html, Page2.html & Page3.html and correspondence scripts are Page1.ts, Page2.ts& Page3.ts .
Now I want that common.ts will be used for both Three pages. is it possible ?


Do you found any solution ? My situation is similar.
I would like to make an app and a web page using the same “.ts” for both projects.
So every “.ts” would have two html. One to display on the web and one for the app.

Hi, you can create a base class that imports that “common” file and set it as a member and page1, page2 and page3 can extend it.

sorry for my english :unamused:

Did you found the solution?