Using pages in multiple tabs


first of all sorry for my bad english.

I have some pages which represent a certain object. Now i want to use these pages in two tabs. Is there a way to do this without creating routes for every tab?

Let’s say i have the tabs ‘student’ and ‘techer’. These tabs have the routes /student/[…] and /teacher/[…].

Both should contain some pages to represent their personal infos (address, account-info,…).

If I put these pages under ‘/student/address, /student/account, […]’ and navigateForward from a ‘teacher’ page, the ‘ion-back-button’ doesn’t show up and the selected tab changes form ‘student’ to ‘teacher’.

If I put these pages under a own route ‘/personal-info/address, /personal-info/account, […]’ and navigateForward from a tab-page, all tabs disappear.

I hope you can understand my problem and help me.