Multiple tabs in a all pages

I’M trying to insert 2 differents tabs component in my project.

First I started my project with ionic tabs template, this first Tabs is working and repeat itself in every pages.
Now I need to create a second tabs component , that have to be at the top of all pages like the first one (at the bootom).
So I created a second Tabs page, I declared it in my app.component.ts and so on .

But every things I try go wrong.
Does somebody as a solution for me ?

If you don’t get any better answers, I would rethink the UI. Multiple sets of tabs visible at once present as very confusing.

comment if I’m wrong in understanding your situation I think you have to display two tabs one on top and the other on the bottom and the both have to be repeating themselves on every page right?

I haven’t tried this yet but if you cant implement two tabs then try switching one to segment-tabs

or try putting two tabs at the same component and place both top or bottom with scss

and if you wish to display on certain pages only then set a flag and use if condition to display the tabs

I hope I’m of somewhat help here @kacreation please do reply if you have found a way to implement two tabs