Motivated entrepreneur seeks hustler developer to partner with

Hello everybody,

I am a French Native now living in New York (but does that mean anything anymore nowadays to live somewhere to collaborate ?) and I am working on a project since July 23rd 2012.

This project is a mobile application based on social medias and geolocation. Unfortunately, during these 4 years, if I have protected everything legally and worked my business plan and released a first version via Phonegap (4 years ago) and a webview version (recently on Android because Apple is problematic), I also have been screwed by hungry and dishonest developers that basically took the money and left the boat.

I am now seeking a partner to finish the job and I offering an equity on the project for 20%.

Technically, I discovered Ionic Framework a week and a half ago and I have bought all the plugins and templates I needed. The “design” and logic of the app is completely done and is actually working fine on Ionic Lab but now I am missing the knowledge to go further between the app and Firebase.

I have made the authetication system for social medias and now everything else start to be too complicated for me. I don’t mind learning because I like to know what’s going on in my app. However, it stops there.

IF YOU FEEL like you want to join a good project and that you have at least ONE WEEK to spend on that project (in fact what needs to be done is really not much : displaying infos from the database on profiles, showing a list of users and integrating a chat script already made ! That’s basically it!) then please contact me !

Thank you very much for reading this ! Hopefully I’ll find somebody motivated enough to join what, I think, will raise the social medias world to a new level. (Hey, why not!)

Best regards