US based ionic / firebase / phonegap developer needed

Looking for some temporary help finishing up development on a hybrid mobile app built using ionic. Include a portfolio link if you have prior app development projects completed and include your username from this forum. The app uses a Firebase back end, so experience with angularFire is a plus. Please respond by sending a direct message through the forum or email me at info at origindev dot com. Looking to have this completed within 2-3 weeks and launched as soon as possible. I’m limited to working with US based contractors only for this project.



One and only time bump to get this up during the business day.

Sent a tweet about it, hope you find someone!

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Thanks. Limited response so I’ve been hammering through most of the issues myself. Getting ready to launch the beta without testing in place. Not the way I wanted to do it, but don’t have the time to learn the testing environment right now. I’ll shoot you guys a message and a link when it’s out.

Hey @OriginDev, feel free to email me (max AT ionicframework DOT com) if you have any questions. We would be happy to help!