Seeking Ionic dev in London - high concept app, co-founder, equity

I have been developing the concept and UI/UX for an app for over a year. Started developing it as a web app (using Meteor), but after discovering Ionic have decided to launch as a mobile app (along with a less fully featured mobile web app version).

The broad idea is to take the hassle out of making plans with friends, removing the back and forth messages to find dates, etc. Yes, it’s been tried a few times before. And there are some apps out there now trying to address the well-known problem. But none seem to have gained widespread appeal, for reasons that I now understand after a year of discovering and solving several little non-trivial problems.

Now, after iteration upon iteration, I have a skeleton prototype which I am confident is intuitive enough to overcome user inertia and be useful quickly. And, given what it does, it has an inherently viral nature.

I estimate it will take 2-4 weeks to complete. I am employed and very time-constrained, but keen to get an MVP to market asap. If you are an entrepreneurial and driven developer with immediate availability to work on this, please get in touch to chat further.

I would prefer to offer you a stake and share the experience - but can consider project-based if that’s your preference.