IOS Ionic Developer - Project Based


Hey Guys,

We’re looking for an amazing cross-platform mobile developer to join our network at and empower entrepreneurs all over the world. We have several projects starting immediately, so the successful candidate must be available to start within the next two weeks. This is important work, and we don’t just hire anyone. Developers in our network receive exclusive access to startup projects with pre-defined scopes and established budgets. We do all the heavy lifting upfront so that you get to focus on what you do best – coding. Best of all, once the initial project is complete, we pass on that client to you for future bug fixes, feature updates, and new projects.

Here’s a brief list of skills we’re looking for. If this sounds like you, send us three at least three of your applications that are live in the App Store. We’d also love to learn a bit about you personally and why you’re interested in joining our network.

Here’s an ionic app we recently built for a startup called “Role Call”.

You have:
Created at least three applications using the Ionic Framework with a Parse backend – They are live in the App Store.

All 10Rocket Developers have:
An eye for design – You’re not just an awesome developer: you’re a unicorn. You’re able to leverage your awesome dev skills to whip up beautiful user experiences that look professionally designed. Even though you may not be a designer by trade, you’re very resourceful in finding free/open source UI elements online to make your apps look amazing.

Ability to finish projects on a tight deadline – You have a track record for delivering projects ahead of schedule.
A genuine love and curiosity for startups – You read entrepreneurship books for fun and have probably seen every episode of Shark Tank.

Great communication skills – You’re polite, responsive, and able to empathize with clients.

Drive – You do whatever it takes to empower your clients. You stand by your work and are not ok with leaving things unfinished.

Reach out to us at we’d love to chat with you!