Mobile web app


I’m new on mobile develop and IONIC.
I’m searching a framework to develop pure mobile app not hybrid.
Is IONIC ideal tool for this target?

Thank you in advance

Not sure what you mean by ‘pure mobile app’? Do you mean that the resulting code is either Swift or Java? Then the answer is no. Ionic does not transpile your HTML/CSS/JS into native code (Swift/Java).


Hi Chris,

I’m looking for a framework that allows me to create specifically optimized for mobile web applications . I am not interested in creating hybrid applications to be published on the store .
IONIC is the right tool ? It seems to me that SENCHA do something like …

Best regards

Ionic is a great solution for that as well. Take a look at some of the recent blog posts on Progressive Web Apps on the Ionic Blog to learn more about what the Ionic team is doing in that space.