New to Ionic : is Ionic a good choice for a mobile web app project?


I work for a small web development agency and we would like to develop a mobile app. Ionic seems the best solution available today for our project, in terms of CSS and for its JavaScript framework library.

We would like to develop a generic application, but for about 50% of our customers we should not develop a native mobile application: a mobile web app will suffice. In other words, this app will need to be used via the mobile browser (Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android).

As ionic seems to be primarily a solution proposed to compile (hybrid but) native applications, could you tell me if it can still meet our needs? Does the application will be fully usable and well functional in a Web browser, accessed from a URL? Or (except access to the native functionality of the phone) we may be faced with this many problems: CSS / animation bugs, weight problems, performance, etc. with mobile browsers for this kind of use ?

Thank you in advance for your infos!