Misc. Ionic framework questions

I’d like to use Ionic for an app I am going to make, but I’m a bit hesitant as a few things about Ionic are still very unclear to me, no matter how much I have searched for answers:

  1. Is Ionic framework free? I.e. can you create, build and deploy a complete commercial (=paid) app to the app stores, with no restrictions whatsoever in the app features available (components, plugins, etc), without any paid plan?

  2. If 1) is yes, what extras does a paid plan give you that you can’t do for free?

  3. Is there a free and fully functional/non restricted Sqlite plugin for Ionic?

  4. As far as I can tell Vue support is still in beta. Are there any known limitations with the Vue version (besides from possible bugs due to the beta status)?

Thank you

  1. Yes it is. Ionic is an Open-Source Framework and free to use.

  2. There are some extras you can get in an paid Plan. See here. These are Features like a own IDEA (Ionic Studio), Cloud Builds, In App Updates, etc. All nice Features but not necessarily needed. Sometimes you have to pay for Plugins. In our App we bought a Plugin for Background Geolocation, but the most Plugins are free (and this is not about ionic).

  3. Yes it is and it automatically works with the Ionic Storage. Documentation: https://ionicframework.com/docs/building/storage#usage

  4. I can’t say anything about that, because i’m using Angular.

Thank you for your reply!

So just to be 100% clear:

Is the answer to the above question “Yes”, without any fine print or caveats whatsoever?

Ionic Framework (UI library, CLI, and Ionic Native) are 100% free and open source. You do not need to pay anything to release an app, even if that app is a commercial app. There are no restrictions from us.

The paid services (Appflow, studio, etc) are just add on services that can help you in development process. They are very helpful, but optional.

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Thank you for the confirmation.

I have used several frameworks the last few weeks:

  • React Native
  • Onsen UI
  • NativeScript Vue
  • Flutter (using it currently)

With each one I’ve gotten as far as making several screens and implementing the db, but each has had enough friction that I end up looking for an alternative after a while - hence my interest in Ionic (with Vue) now.