¿Is ionic Free, and what does free include?


I’m new to ionic, if I search pricing I see there are some services they charge for… but the weird thing is that if you navigate inside the page you don’t see any pricing at all, but if you Google-it, you’ll find this page…

It says it charges per app, but there are concepts not clear such as package builds (500)

I’m insterested in the Creator, but if you go there they have another pricing but this is a pricing for multiple apps.

¿Can anyone clarify this ?

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Thanks, this for clearing this out.

So if I do not use live deploy and sell my app on the Play Store and Apple Store will I be able to use ionic for free? If that is not the case how much would it cost to have an app on the playstore that got let’s say 10000 downloads

If you only use Ionic Framework (Ionic 1-4) then yes it’s free.