Is ionic framework is free for developing professional app? or any charges?


I have a question in my mind. i am developing a professional app in ionic … but i am quite confuse is any plan for developing ionic app ? any charge to pay ionic …


Ionic the framework, i.e. the JS/TS Typescript framework is free to use.

Ionic Pro, is a paid service.

If you just want to develop an app locally and build it, it’s free.


Okay Sir … Thanks a lot for guiding me… if i am developing my app from node.js and create all code manually and then develop, design and create apk for customer… then at that case i am not want to pay anything to ionic … right sir ji…
like :


And if i want to develop an app and sell it in Play Store it’s free too?


Yes it is. Ionic doesn’t charge you anything for using their framework. Like @SigmundFroyd said, you can choose to have an Ionic Pro plan (there even is a free one “Starter”) to have extra services which you can read about here: Ionic Pro.


okay thanks alot for your reply …