Migrating from Ionic 2 in JS to RC0/RC1


Does anyone has migrated from Ionic 2 in JS to RC0 with success, and has a GitHub link for it?

Because I’m trying to migrate but I don’t understand the error that I’m having.

I’ve followed the change.log but still every time I user ionic serve it says 404 to main.css and main.js


Do you mean from beta.11 to RC0? I was able to successfully follow the recipe (#1) in the changelog.

But that was TS to RC0, not JS to RC0, that’s why I’m asking. If that’s useful to you, I’ll post the link…


It is Beta 11, but on JS. =l

But, Thanks =P


I had a 6000 lines of code app and couldn’t migrate it correctly. Therefore I started a new project and copy/pasted all components, assets etc. which made it work.