What lessons have you learned upgrading to RC0?

So I spent several hours today upgrading a couple of projects to RC0. I have yet to fully complete the task but I did at least get one working (~5K lines of code, 8 Components, 16 pages, 5 providers) after 5 hours.

Things I learned:

  • the new build process is still a work in progress, errors are not always reported, many things that wouldn’t have caused a serious problem before now cause the build to fail (templates referencing methods with the wrong parameters etc).
  • it’s really important to make injected items in your component/page constructors explicitly public. Private or unspecified affects the build in odd ways.
  • my pages were using css classes rather than selector matches and my pages mostly didnt have selectors defined, not sure when that requirement changed.
  • I still have 1 app which appears to build but just reports an ambiguous console error. This is because the app uses exotic dependencies outside of Angular.

Anyone else got any observations or tips to share?

If you’ve been using Storage (for SQL queries), then wait until 2.0.0-rc.1