Advice needed on migration strategy from ionic 3 to ionic 5 ( and preferably cordova to capacitor )

We have a fairly complex application which uses a lot of custom plugins - it’s currently running on ionic 3 ( cordova, angular, and all the stuff that was relevant back when ionic 3 was fresh ) . It would be final time to make the leap to ionic 5 and I was wondering if there is a good strategy how to start? There’s a lot of code, lot of plugins used and a lot of npm libs involved … so any advice is much appreciated.


Check out our Ionic 3 to (4 or 5) migration guide.

Given the differences between Ionic 3 and 5, you’ll start with a fresh project and migrate the pieces you can. Fortunately, with Ionic 4 and above, we’ve rebuilt the Framework for the last time, so you won’t have to rewrite the app ever again.

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