MenuToggle button doesn't appear when pushing a page, but does when I use setRoot

The title probably says it all. Here’s some context.

I have a page called “create-channel”, this page is supposed to be accessible from another page that the user can navigate from the sidemenu.

The create-channel page has this:

   <ion-title>Create Channel</ion-title>
   <ion-buttons end>
     <button ion-button menuToggle icon-only>
       <ion-icon name="menu"></ion-icon>

In the same way I have added the menuToggle button to all pages.

The problem is that for some unknown reasons the button doesn’t display at all when I go to it,

for eg. the user goes to the page Foo where they can click on a button which takes them to this page, but only the back button appears (since I push the page on the nav stack using navCtrl.push)

In my attempt to solve the issue I just tried using nav.setRoot and tada, the menuToggle button was there. The problem is I do not want to set it as root, that is supposed to be page that the user can navigate from using a back button.

In a previous project I was doing a similar thing and the menu button was visible without any issues, not sure what’s wrong with this, there aren’t even many changes. Only change I made related to the navigation toolbar was the SCSS variable that changes the order and just to be on the safer side I even reverted that change to the default to check whether it caused the issue but nope the results were negative.

Any ideas what could be causing the problem?

Found the answer:

This is the default behaviour, MenuToggle button would only appear on root pages, and not on sub-pages. So the trick is to add persistent="true" to the <ion-menu> element being used.


sir but its not working for me .can you help me for fix above isue?