Menu is disabled after using setRoot() or push page in ionic3?

Hi team,
I have added sidemenu in my app but problem after login menu button not visible in the html section but after refresh page its working.

I have create common component for header and put header in inside the page.please chek below code :

//Toggle for home page
    <div col-2 class="menu_container">
        <button ion-button menuToggle>
             <ion-icon name="menu"></ion-icon>

 <ion-menu [content]="content" id="menu-avatar">
  <ion-content  class="side_menu">
     <div tappable #header class="user_wrap_detail">
          <img class="user-avatar round" [src]=""/>

    <ion-list no-lines margin-top> 
        <button tappable menuClose *ngFor="let p of pages" 
          [class.highlight]="" (click)="openPage(p)"> 
          <div id="sideMenuText">   
             {{p.title | translate}}

Tried Solution:

  1. During push i have enable menu to true;
  2. this.appCtrl.getRootNavs()[0].push(SecondPage);

tell me above how to fix above issue?

Try :


or Try to use popover : check this reply

Thanks for u reply sir i checked above post but I am using ionic3 not ionic 4 .I tried ur solution but not worked for me…
Actually sir very first time hidden attribute is added in the the menu section but I am not understand why hidden is added.plz help m sir

Check here

Sir I have tried all thing but nothing worked for me