menuToggle icon is hidden on child view

I’m using ionic 2, menuToggle icon appears fine on my homepage, when I navigate to a child page the back button shows and menuToggle icon disappears, I set hideBackButton in ion-navbar to hide the back button, however how can I show the menuToggle button for the side menu.


Hey there! You should check out the docs for ion-menu, as this is covered there!

cheers :grin:

thanks so much, I only searched the menuToggle section and couldn’t find a solution :frowning:

hi @mhartington, how about ion-tabs, there is a way to make it persistent too? Thank you.

Hey @mhartington,
I am able to show the menu, but if i navigate to another page and then the menu becomes back icon. I have kept hideBackButton=true option as well, but then neither back button or menu is not shown.

So my requirement is that, in my first page, i dont want to show the menu. But in almost all other pages i want to show the menu, but not the back button. How to make this possible. Using IONIC 2

I too got hung up on this… your solution is correct, but the documentation is not intuitive in this instance. It would be helpful to have cross-reference links in areas like the menuToggle, navBar, and toolBar documentation pages.