Make app into 2 separate packages


Thanks to your awesome framework , I build a [Webrtc Video Chat app] ( , Now i would like to “pop” the incoming call page whenever the user receives a call, I use ionic notifications to open the app when the app is killed and a call is being received.

I want to know if there is a way in which i can kind of combine 2 different packages containing separate ionic app activities, One will be my present app, the other will be only the code to receive a call. So when a user receives a call, we open package 2, otherwise package 1.

Currently if the app is killed(from coldstart) , a notification arrives , user clicks on it and the app opens from start, loading the splashscreen , index.html, plugins ,etc which takes 6 to 14 seconds depending on the device.

I’m also open to any ideas on how to deal with this situation.


any tutorials about this where it helps you? I am really interested about this also… Making also an app for video chat functionalities… Thanks

Try implementing different module and inject it in your original module or application

I am a newbie about this… sorry for that… can you show me or give me tutorials on how to implement what you are talking about… thanks a lot…

ah what I mean is implementing WebRTC in ionic app… did you manage to use or developed such kind of app using WebRTC?

Nop But since its an angular back bone it can be done in that way

okay thanks for the help…