Ionic app for background task in android and iOS

We are porting our application from native android and iOS apps to ionic. I have few question which are helpful before porting

  1. In native app, we use webrtc call functionality, when app is installed certain permissions such as microphone is taking when accessed for first time or during installation. When we use ionic, can we take similar permissions for microphone and take permissions accordingly so that when call is received or made we don’t have to take app permissions.

  2. During call app can be close and background process is launched in the notification area. If we have to do it in ionic app, how can we launch background process running during the call?

  3. when firebase notifications are triggered to ionic app, can app be launched from notifications? for example when app is completely closed and if someone calls, can we hear ring tone and launch app automatically? earlier we used to send firebase notification (FCM) and when device receives it, app is launched automatically and ring tone gets started automatically. In order to achieve the same we should be able to handle FCM messages exactly the same and launch automatically.

  4. If we have wrap native code such as native version of webrtc. how can we do that? we could browser version of webrtc via. webframe but we might get performance issues for longer calls or can get sloppy user permission popups. rather ideal way is wrap webrtc through native plugin and use it from javascript code.

Appreciate your reply. thanks

The same issue with us as we can’t trigger the subscript function when the application in background
there is anyone have a solutions