Is It possible to do Audio call & Video call in ionic2?

Is It possible to do Audio call & Video call in ionic2?

Audio calls were possible with Ionic 1: So it should be possible in Ionic 2, of course with adapted code. The technology Ionic is based on didn’t change.

The plugin this is based on also supports video calls, so I don’t see a problem why this also shouldn’t work.

Thank you for sharing your answer how i contact you?

You don’t. I am not interested in offering my services but only answer to forum posts.


are you suggest me when i start project?

@Sujan12 I am successfully able to integrate audio/video calls but currently I am facing problem like how to awake my closed app in case of incoming call ?
Like how whatsapp calls awake the screen to pickup or hangup the call. I didn’t find anything in any forums or anyone writing about this. Can you please help me understand how this can be possible.

  1. Create a new topic for you question instead of hijacking this old one.
  2. I would look into push notifications - but no idea how Whatsapp and Co do it.

@gaurav @narasimham3
can you help me with instructions to make video call ?

how would you implement audio call? could you help me to implement audio and video in app?