Open the closed app, feature like whatspp video call

Hi, I want to achieve a feature like WhatsApp video calling in my app. Even when the app is closed it should get a trigger from the server and open the app. Can anyone let me know how can I achieve this Ionic?

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@vasanthb Did you find any solution to this ?

Till now I have not got any solution to this problems.

@vasanthb @gaurav Did you find any solution for this ?

@Manipara I don’t think even now there is any Ionic way to achieve it. We solved our problem in Android by writing our own custom plugin to detect notification and start killed application.
In iOS you can achieve it using silent push notification, providers like one signal will help you in delivering it. After silent push notification is delivered there will be 15 second time where you can perform some task, try to show ringing screen in that time and let user open the app by clicking it. This plugin may help in iOS to show the ringing screen GitHub - WebsiteBeaver/CordovaCall: Cordova CallKit & ConnectionService plugin for iOS/Android that displays the native call UI for VOIP apps.