Which is the best option for Game Development In Ionic

Hi Guys,

I have been using Ionic for the quite some time. I would like develop Games using Ionic. I googled and found an HTML5 based framework as Phaser (https://phaser.io) which can be used with Ionic. I just need your opinion, is this the only framework for Games Development? Which is the best technique to be used for Game Development in Ionic. Please advice.

Sorry if this questions seems to be irrelevant however i would like to enhance my skills in Ionic. Can anyone please advice.


All depends on what kind of games you want to develop.

To start with i would like to develop for Kids. Kids can play small games or even learn while playing. For example : Show kids different objects and similar shapes and encourage them to match objects/shapes by drag/drop etc…,

As i grow in skills, i would like to develop games like juicy fruity.

Then any HTML5 game development framework should be fine.

Thanks for your quick reply, Can you please advice the best one which can be used with Ionic and has capabilities from simpler to advanced development. Sorry, i am a newbie in terms of HTML5 frameworks.

I have no experience, but I read things about Phaser regularly - so people seem to be building apps with it.

Thanks will go with Phaser for now.

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Hello viveknarula!,

could you tell us how it was the experience using ionic + phaser?. I’m going to start making some games as well with ionic and Phaser and I would like to read more review about it.