Live Deploy first download from the app store

I have a question about Ionic’s Live Deploy.

If I submit an app to the app store, let’s say the config.xml version is 0.4.3, and a few days later we create a new version of the app, but it’s just basic changes to the CSS/JS, so the new version is now 0.4.4 using Live Deploy. When a user goes to download the app for the first time, do they download version 0.4.3 from the app store or is version 0.4.4 already applied to the app before the download?

My update method is background: <variable name="UPDATE_METHOD" value="background" />

I guess my question is does the live deploy go onto the app store immediately? or does it only happen after they download the app, and then close and reopen it?

Because that would be an issue, that would mean for new users we’d still have to go through the app store if we wanted them to see the latest changes.