Deploy causing an update on first launch

I’m having some difficulty employing the deploy feature. I implemented it and it is very cool but there is one major problem: My app seems to have an update even when I deploy the the code to the phone AFTER an update.

$ ionic upload --deploy=production
$ ionic run ios --device

On launch I check for updates and apparently there is an update. How do I fix this problem?

I’m really stuck on this and is the last step before I deploy to the app store. I do not want unnecessary updates to happen on first launch if I didn’t deploy any changes. Anyone know if there is a ‘correct’ way of doing deploys to avoid the issue?

Ok I figured it out. Here is what I was missing:

The App Store Problem
Let’s say you’ve developed your app and it is available in the iOS or Android app stores. Let’s say you also happen to have an active Ionic Deploy that is the same version that you submitted to the app store. Let’s say our fictional user, let’s call her Susan, installs your app from the app store and runs it for the first time.

Because no previous versions have been deployed to Susan’s device, her device thinks that an update is available immediately and will prompt her (dependent on your app) to download the latest update. Well we don’t want that now do we!

This is what the Equivalent version is for. Set the value of the Equivalent version to the current app store binary version if you want to effectively ignore the update if they are using that binary version.