List tabs and a detail page

Hi everyone. I’m trying my hands with this framework and I’m absolutely loving it, but I’m stumped regarding the interaction of Tabs with a detail page.

I’ll clarify. Take for example the Sidemenu project, and make it so that, in the playlist section, instead of having a single list you have multiple tabs that have that same list but filtered differently in each tab.

Now, when I click on an element in these lists I want to display the detail page of that element but without displaying the tabs.
The approaches that I tried so far that kinda worked are:

  1. I display the Detail view in the same ion-nav-view of the List, however this also displays the Tabs, which must not happen.
  2. I display the Detail view in the parent of the ion-nav-view of the List (meaning the Tabs’ ion-nav-view). The expected result is that the Tabs’ view gets replaced by the Detail view and pushes this replacement in the History Stack. However, this does not happen. There is no animation and no “back” button.

I really can’t understand why #2 doesn’t work. Any help?

Here you can find the Plunker.

I discovered some strange behaviour. If I insert a “Go back” button in the detail page that points back at the “Good” tab and I click on it, then the next time I go into a Detail page the behaviour is correct! The detail page transitions and has a back button that points back to the Tabs view, but then it stops working again until I click on it again.

I asked the same question before.

What’s strange is that sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t… I can’t understand how it reasons.

Can anyone help? I’ve been trying all kinds of combinations but it doesn’t seem possible at the moment.