Go from detail page in one tab to detail page in another tab

I have an Ionic app with 4 tabs (T1, T2, T3, T4). Each tab has a list (tab T1 has list L1, T2 has L2, etc), and each list item points to a details page - so LI items point to L1D1, L1D2, etc, and L2 items point to L2D1, L2D2, etc. The idea is that each tab represents a different stage of processing an item, with T4 being the completed stage.

When I’m in a detail page of list on a tab, how can I jump to a detail page of a list in another tab? For instance, when item L1D1 is processed, I want a button on it to link straight to L2D1 (its detailed page on the next tab). So far, I’ve tried


It works fine, but T2 isn’t selected.


This sounds like a confusing UX to start with, but especially a really bad fit for tabs. Tabs are supposed to be for independent subsections of an app, so what happens in tab A should stay in tab A. Injecting app and doing action at a distance like you are also makes for very hard to read, test, and maintain code.

If you like the visual appearance of tabs, perhaps you could implement this using segment buttons instead, but I would first take a step back and see if you can come up with a less intersnarled way of presenting the task.

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I see it like @rapropos
ngprime have nice ui steps. https://www.primefaces.org/primeng/#/steps

Additional, if I understood it right, then use for detailpage something like action sheet, popover, modal, etc… that return to master page.

Best regrads, anna-liebt

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Thanks, I’ll look into it. Might end up just using segments to display all products, filterable by status (active, pending, completed).