Same Detail page for 2 different tabs, with history

Noob here, enjoying small steps on the learning curve :).

I have an app with several tabs, 2 of them showing a list (T1 and T2). I also have a detail page which is under the same abstract state as all the other tabs. When I click an item in the list it takes me to the details page and I have a great Back button, all fine.
Now, here is my wish list:

Q1. I want to use the same detail page for each list (in T1 and T2) as it shows the same info. Right now, the Details state is linked to a view in T1 (not good, I know) so whenever I click an item in the T2 list it shows the details page (good), highlights T1 (wrong) and has no Back button (wronger). Of course, if I do the same on T1 it works fine. Is it even possible to share a details page for 2 tabs and keep separate history for each tab? (this would mean that if I go to the settings tab T3 and then click on T1 or T2 I should see a different details page for each tab clicked, each with its own Back button for the corresponding list).
Q2. Deeper hierarchy: Suppose I have a list of food products in T1. When I click an item in the list it should take me to the details page which is another list, with ingredients. When I click an ingredient, it should take me to another details page with information on that specific ingredient. Both detail pages should have a Back button that would finally go the same scroll position in the initial list. Is this even possible with tab navigation?
Q3. Nice to have: I’d like to get rid of the tabs bar when in the details page and allow infinite scroll without any footer or bar at the bottom. Then, when the user clicks the Back button it should go back to the previous tab with the same scroll position in the list.

I tried lots of options, read a lot, browsed forums and plunkers, etc but didn’t find a viable solution.
Any suggestion or an existing CodePen that helps would be greatly appreciated.

Have you ever found any solution for this ?

FYI: I’ve posted this question on stackoverflow, as I need to get help on this as well !