Language of iOS Cordova projects always English and German

I know that is not a problem related directly with Ionic but I faced this problem in all the cordova projects I developed or I am developing currently.

I change the native development language but then when I upload the app to the App Store in the app details it shows English, German for the language.

How I can add and remove languages in Xcode? Because I asked in stackoverflow but nobody answered and I think is an important point because with this we could translate some plugins like camera that has some text in the plugin view.


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+1 I have the same issue, and couldn’t find the answer…

Thanks but in cordova projects I’m unable to find any storyboard.

Not in the Storyboard, in the project Settings. Here a Screenshot from xCode 6

I have already taken a look at these settings and it looks quite like your settings but in App Store it says English, German.

u need to change the settings. and look if u have any settings in itunesconnect

What do I have to change in the settings? Itunesconnect seems correct.

Nobody knows anything about this issue?

look at this

Ok, thanks, that will solve one problem, the other is localize the app itself to show the proper language in system messages like the image of my first post in this topic.

i dont see any image from u in this post.

Have u Skype or Team Viewer or another program?

It may be some settings itunes connect, because I’m developing an app and I’m waiting for your review on itunes connect and the language I figure as “Spanish” without making any change in xcode.

@sioesi And you didn’t touch anything in Xcode?

@azad11 sorry, this image:

@xMarston Nothing at all, but seeing your photo I realize that in some cases also appear message me in English, I would not know to give a concrete answer.

@xMarston what language u want? English only or German only?

@azad11 Neither, Spanish hahaha

@xMarston is the pictures from iOS-Simulator or from u mobile phone?

sorry for my bad english :S

@azad11 this picture in specific is taken from the iOS simulator (I changed the main language of the simulator to Spanish) but I tested the app in my i5s and the main language is Spanish but the contextual options like Paste, Cut, etc… remains in English.

@xMarston: That would have been my next question. Okay can u make the same image that i make, from the project settings?