How do you specify supported app languages for iOS

Let’s say you have an app that itself supports display of strings in more than one language. The different localized strings are carried by the application and for example the user can choose the wanted language through a settings menu.

How do you mark/build the application for iOS so that once released in App Store it displays all supported languages under ‘Information’?

Can someone confirm if it is sufficient to modify/add to Info.plist to achieve the goal, given something like this:


That is a really good question, took some digging to figure out an answer.
So this post on SO is pretty good at showing you how you would set your app up to show that is supports multiple languages

Essentially, you create multiple directories, say for spanish es.lpoj and in there you’d make a file, InfoPlist.strings.

You could just make the file and link up the directories within xcode and you should be good.

Hmm, that’s probably more/different that what I was wondering about. I wasn’t talking about providing/setting up native localization. Just looking for the correct way to indicate to the App Store that the built and submitted Ionic app supports multiple display languages - the translated strings reside in its JavaScript.

p.s. Using angular-gettext here.

Right, the native text files that you provide don’t need to include anything, but they just need to be present. All your translations would need to be handled by javascript (which you are already doing).

I’m still having a problem with this after reading the ticket.
There are plugins that include translations as well.
I’d like to only show my selected languages, not the ones coming from plugins.

So the solutions of making these folders, doesn’t feel ok.

Is there any documentation about this (and getting the locale that was set) from the the settings.
Because updating it and keeping it in sync, is definitely something that I believe should happen on the framework level, no?

I’d love example about how to do this coming from the config.xml if possible.