How to change the native localization

In my project I use ngx-translate to translate the app. However the plugins are not updated when I change the language.

Is it possible to change the native language dynamically through a cordova plugin? I have reviewed the cordova-plugin-localization-strings plugin but it does not allow modifying the native language.

Thanks in advance.

Do you use Cordova or Capacitor?

And what plugins are not updated?

For native views, such as the Camera view, system buttons, etc., you have to add supported localizations to the project.
For other custom views, then it depends on the plugin, they might allow localization or not.

I am using cordova.
The plugins that are not updated with the translation are image-picker and camera.
In this case how can I add supported localizations to the project?
What would be the solution to change the native language?


You can try something like this in the config.xml

<edit-config target="CFBundleLocalizations" file="*-Info.plist" mode="overwrite">