Label click delay Ionic

I have a page on my app that needs to show html radio buttons instead of Ionic radio. Each radio has its label but I think that it cause the 300ms browser delay to check the radio on iOS. On Android it’s ok…

Is there something that I can do to prevent this delay? For angular click event I used ‘tappable’ property and it works fine. But for html, I can’t use this.

Is selective-fastclick a good option for this? Or have some other way?

Thank you!

Why is this? It seems like a confusing UI to have two sets of radio buttons that look different.

Yes, I know that this is not the best choice, but for now I need to work whit this. This page receives an html form with a lot of custom attributes on radios that needs to be processed on app. Change to Ionic radio will be a big task that I have no time to complete for now. I’m trying to make this working on the best way possible until I have time to migrate.

I am always extremely skeptical of mobile apps that seem to receive the bulk of their content from a server. How is a user supposed to have any confidence in the security here?

What do you mean by that?

That’s exactly what tappable is for:

Are you sure you are getting the 300ms delay? How did you confirm?

Yes, I agree with you. But while we can’t migrate to all native resources, unfortunately we need to work with html content from server. I just want to improve the performance until I can migrate all html content from server to native ionic resources. I use that content only in one page.

I had the same delay problem with angular click on iOS and solved it with tappable. I didn’t know this resource before…

I did a lot of tests and I can see this delay only on iOS. For angular clicks we can use tappable, but for html label, for example I had no alternative for a while.
This is why I mentioned selective-fastclick