Keyboard input doesn't work with Ionic View (iOS)


I just uploaded my app to View. I can click on any input field and the keyboard comes up, but pressing keys does nothing.

It’s pretty bad, anyone know what the problem is?

(I’ve tried the app on an Android phone and the fields worked OK)

Input (type="text") not responding to keyboard input on low resolution devices

Did you ever find an answer for this? I’m experiencing the same issue. If I close the app and restart it however the keyboard starts working again.


Are you using overflow:scroll?

If so i’ve created an issue which might be similar to what you are seeing.


I’m not but I tried a couple solutions I found on Google (put inside scroll view, etc.) to no avail. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Uninstall my app (if necessary)
  2. Install my app
  3. Go to a page with a form on it
  4. Click on text input
  5. Type on Keyboard keys
  6. Nothing happens visibly in text input

Nothing happens in text box, but it looks like something happens behind or in another input because when I submit and get an error what I’ve been typing that doesn’t show all of a sudden shows up.


By the way, I’m not using any Keyboard plugins. Just out of the box iOS functionality.