Input (type="text") not responding to keyboard input on low resolution devices

Has anyone experienced trouble with (or successfully used text input fields) on low resolution devices (below 320x480)?

We’re investigating supporting Blackberry OS 7 & 10 browsers for our client (don’t ask).

When testing in the Blackberry 9930 simulator I couldn’t get get the input boxes to accept any typed text, so I just assumed that it was a simulator or BB7 issue. (Seems to work great on the fullsize BB10 devices, btw).

However, I then started testing different device sizes using the Chrome DevTools Device Emulation and noticed that when getting below a height of 480px for the device size, I would have the same problem, so it appears to be framework related.

Note: that the problem doesn’t occur when simply re-sizing a browser to small dimensions.

Note: we are using the framework for a mobile website, not a hybrid application.

Possibly related to: Keyboard input doesn't work with Ionic View (iOS)


Hi shiftynick,

Have you found something to your issue?

From my side, I don’t have any issue with input field on the Windows web browser or BB simulator, but when uploading the same code into my BB, the input field is no more accessible.

The input field get the focus, but when writing in it, nothing is happening beside the BB is suggesting some words for me.


No, sorry I never looked any further into this.

Hi shiftynick,

Have you done lots of development with BB phone and Ionic? Have you tried the BB OS 10 and Ionic? If so, have you tried the modal with input field? If so, did you find any issue? (see my post here: Ionic modal input field not working on BB 10)


Sorry, all I ever did was briefly look into it. I have not done any significant testing or development.