Ionic 2 Beta.10 - Input scroll issues - Android only

Hi Guys,

After long time trying to understand why my Input/scroll was not working, I’ve found that if I add (keyup.enter)=“onFocus();” to the input it starts to work, but only for iOS, in Android is still an issue.

I am not using ion-input as is not working in Beta.10.

Any help, please?

Could you explain a bit more about whats happening? It’s not very descriptive.

Hi @mhartington, thank you for your help.

Well, I have:

scrollAssist: true,
autoFocusAssist: false

I am not using ion-inputs as is not working for me, just normal html inputs.

<input type="text" [ngModel]="myModel" 

But is not scroll assisting for me, finally in iOS, I’ve found that if I add (keyup.enter)=“onFocus();”, it starts assisting, but in Android is not working.

I am a little desperate as my app is so good using Ionic 2, except for the keyboard not working properly.

Thank you again.