Keyboard Bug ( + video ) - ion-textarea in ion-footer doesn't work as expected

Hi guys,

there is one problem left with my Ionic Chat App. I got an ion-textarea in the ion-footer, when i tap on the ion-textara on my iPhone the Keyboard shows up but overlays the input box … when i type any letter the input comes up and is working as expexted. When i dismiss the keyboard, the input floats smooth as it should. Can anybody help me with a workaround or a better solution for this. I’m currently on ionic 2 rc3.

Screencast which should describe you my problem pretty good:


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Any news concerning this? I have the same issue on iOS, did you come up with a solution?

Thank you

No i still have the same issue - please keep me up to date if you find out something.

add a class to the ion-textarea and set it position static.
It will work but not a permanent solution