CSS issues regarding textarea


We’ve been experiencing issues with ion-textarea and we’re hoping someone can shed some light into the issue. This is our current situation:

We have a view with an ion-textarea element at the bottom of it. It is initially hidden, and the shown once a button is tapped.

When the user focuses into the textarea, the textarea moves to the top of the screen when they keyboard shows up. This is done by adding a padding at the bottom of the element. However, when we tap outside of that textarea, the keyboard hides but the fixed padding stays, thus leaving an empty space at the bottom of the page.

Another issue which might be related is that there is no way to hide the keyboard in iOS, even by tapping outside of the textarea. Is this a bug as well?

Thank you!

Here you can see the issue:

Could you provide a minimal demo of your setup in a codpen? We can look into from there


Here you have: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/GZZeov


Confirmed! Could you please open an issue for this?

Done, you can find the issue here: