Keyboard And Cursor Issue


I have cursor position problem in ionic app using ionic version : “1.0.0-beta.11”.
There are several problem find in the app with regarding keyboard and cursor issue they are listed below.

General Issue Found in Input and Textarea

1. Cursor Positioning & movement :– When I attempt to move the cursor with my finger, the cursor position still moves but display the cursor as previous position, Also can’t place the cursor at the end of the line.
But when typing something then cursor will moved in that position.

Particular Issue Found in Textarea

I had implement the Angular-Elastic to Textarea.
Where Content Of Textarea will be expand up to 6 lines and after that scrolling available in Textarea.

1. Scrolling & Display :– If I have no of lines greater than 6, I can’t scroll up and down to see the content in Textarea.
While Typing in Textarea beyond 6 lines, I can’t see what we are typing.

2. Page Scrolling & Display :– When I Scrolling the page, Textarea will resize the height, After complition of scrolling the page that will display as original height.
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Screen Shot Of Input and Textarea

1. Cursor Position Issue In Input Field

2. Cursor Position Issue In Textarea

3. Scrolling & Display Issue In Textarea


i am having the same problem.
do any one know how to solve it ?

i am using “indium-iguana” version 1.0.0-beta.11.

Thank you.

I mentioned, that i can not move the cursor in textareas with >5 rows, too

DId anyone solved this ? i am having the same problem on IOS.

Sorry But Still Can’t Find Any Kind Of Solution For These Problem. :pensive:

Issues with the cursor losing place on an input when hitting prev/next or scrolling is the biggest issue with Ionic for me. It’s almost a deal breaker at this point.