Issue with downloading ionic 2

I did $ ionic start MyApp sidemenu --v2 and I get a new file structure, completely different from yesterday. When I tried to add ios or android it would not let me. The pages folder is missing, the app folder is missing. The project is not in typescript and when I tried to clone the typescript repo for the ionic 2 sidemenu starter app, it would not run. It gave me dependency errors for @angular. Anyone know what is going on?

Could you share your npm, node and ionic cli version?

$ npm -v

$ node -v 

$ ionic -v

My cli version is

$ ionic -v

I’m guessing something got messed up with your installation some how.

npm is 3.9.5
node is 4.4.0
ionic is 1.7.15

I have been building and using ionic 2, but then the non-native options for the Toast component would not work so I tried to redownload a newer version of an ionic starter project and then it gave me an error saying i needed to run a cordova install. I ran the install and then everything went to pot.

I got it working again. Somehow my computer switch back to an older version of ionic. However, when i download projects they are not automatically in typescript. I have still pass --ts