Is there a way to run old Ionic 2 app while on version 3?

Hello guys,

I’m a newbie. I just installed my node and Ionic 3.

I purchased an Ionic tutorial video with practice app from 2016.
However it looks like the tutorial was made with Ionic v2.
Its source folder has ‘app’ folder, ‘hook’, ‘www’ folders instead of current Ionic 3 folder structure (hooks, node modules, resources, src, www).

I tried to run this v2 app by using the same ‘ionic serve’ command… it showed me an error that says the command only runs on Ionic project directory so my current version Ionic is not recognizing this as an Ionic project.

Is there any way to run this old v2 app with javascript (instead of TS) on Ionic 3?
I copied and pasted codes from this old app to v3 app and I got tons of error messages. It looks like there’s are huge discrepancies between v2 and v3.

Thanks in advance!

I would ask for my money back. There is no fundamental difference in project layout between “Ionic v2” and the current supported v3. JavaScript (as opposed to TypeScript) support was dropped before v2 ever even got out of beta, so it seems to me that either what you have is a v1 project (which is totally incompatible with the current version) or something that is being sold based on unsupported prerelease versions of both Ionic and Angular, which I would consider unethical at best.


You’re totally right. I asked for refund… this is an obsolete tutorial with obsolete source files. I thought I could use it at least. Thanks,