Isolated storage in windows phone 8


I am creating an windows app using angularjs and phonegap, which will run on windows 8 phones.

Here I want to store and retrieve images from isolated store.I have searched a lot for this but did not find any helpful information.

Please help me.


First off, we don’t officially support WP8, so be warned that things may be broken.

If you need to get images from a server… just add it to your src for you images.

<img src="" >


But I want to use this application offline also.At time of offline usage how this image will load ?
That’s why I want to store it in isolated storage and retrieve it offline



Thanks mhartington for this link but this link dose not have any plugin available for isolated storage which I can use in windows phone 8.Please let me know how to use isolated storage in ionic.


This doesn’t really seem like an ionic specific question, but more or a general cordova and WP8, so stack overflow is probably your best bet for finding a solution.


Sir, I am just asking from you.
Can i develop the app for windows phone 8 using ionic+cordov… with these function.
1)capture image
2)download file from server
3)send notification

In my app the above functionality i want.
Should i try with ionic+cordov or not?


Capture image -> plugin
Download file from server -> Use the File API to write files to the local filesystem
Send notification -> plugin available for WP8

I haven’t tested these plugins personally and mhartington reminded that WP8 isn’t officially supported by Ionic (but you would still be able to do an app using cordova and angularjs only). It’s up to you now !