Windows Phone displaying captured images


Firstly, I know Windows Phone isn’t officially supported. However a large client of ours is providing Windows Phones to its staff and we need to get or App ported.

The App is running just fine on iOS and Android. Windows Phone has had a few hiccups but by and large is working (which is fantastic for a platform that is not officially supported by the Ionic team).

My problem is that when I capture an image I get the imageURI handed back but it looks like this:


If I then try and use that in an ion-slide-box and an object all I get is a small white page icon. Unfortunately I cannot inspect the DOM because this is Windows Phone 8. I tried getting a more normal URI via:

window.resolveLocalFileSystemURI(imageURI, onResolveImageSuccess, errorCallbackInFileResolve);

However that just returned me the same path. The path is valid because I can upload the image to a server. However I just don’t seem to be able to show the image.

Has anybody else come across this issue and solved it already?