Windows 8 Phone- Cordova


I have seen several topics on Windows 8 Phone support. What I’m curious about is … since ionic is sitting on top of cordova, can I add Windows 8 phone support through Cordova with my Ionic App ?


You can run every phonegap command using your ionic cli, it just maps the phonegap commands if nothing else.

So ionic add/build/run wp8 will do fine :wink:


Just note, we do not support WP8 right now.

There’s still a lot of things that WP8 (IE) has issues with that we need to work around.
Something we’re look at post 1.0.


Thanks - just to clarify:

Ionic CLI sits on top of Cordova CLI - Cordova supports W8 ?

So I’m assuming when you say ‘we don’t support it’ - are you referring to your Angular Directives?

Just trying to understand - as I went with Ionic knowing it used Cordova - so not supporting just means that the UI directives build on angular aren’t supported ?


Essentially. There are some css/js issues with our directives that we need to fix for WP8.


ok thanks - and I appreciate your quick responses!

WP8 is not as high a priority as iOS and Android for us, so I will wait, just trying to get a sense of a timeline here to tell those customers (still very few) about it.

Thanks again!