Is using Ionic must know TypeScript and a framework?

Hi, this is my first post, just discovered Ionic and I have a few questions.

It seems I need to know TypeScript in order to use Ionic, is it correct?
Can I use Ionic without any framework (Angular, React, Vue)?

Because it seems I must know TypeScript and a framework from the tutorials.

Thank you.


Hi Frederick,

Welcome to the community and thx for this post.

Historically Ionic came along with frameworks - explaining the abundance of tutorials and posts on Ionic together with a framework (notably Angular) - on this forum, the docs or community stuff to be found using search engines.

But since Ionic 4, it is easy to deploy Ionic using plain vanilla JS. In fact the docs also contains examples in plain JS.

To use without framework, the CDN option would be one way: Ionic Framework Packages: CDN, Angular, Vue, and React


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In regards to TypeScript, you don’t need to use TypeScript but I would highly recommend learning it. I went back and fourth when I started with Ionic and finally decided to stick with it. It was a bit of a learning curve but has definitely paid off. Two major benefits in my opinion are the type checking which catches most errors and intellisense in your IDE.