I need someone to answer a few questions because I have to start a very important project

Hello, I joined a company for an internship and they gave me a project to do with Ionic when I never used it.
So I have a few questions for you:
1 - My boss wants to program in HTML, CSS and JS. So without Angular or React. Is it possible ?
2 - If the framework is mandatory, do I absolutely have to master Angular ?

Yes, it’s possible to use Ionic Framework without a framework. See here. Most of the examples and tutorials you’ll find online are in Angular though (or React, Vue) since frameworks are considered the best option for building serious apps. They provide a lot of tools, functionality and more that help make the development experience easier. We do have Ionic UI component examples written in plain JavaScript, though! That should help you get started.

Since you’re in an internship, my suggestion is to spend some time learning one of those three frameworks over time. Does your company have one they prefer? If you pick that, it might be easier to get help from your fellow developers. Cheers!

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Thank you so much for the answers .

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